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Chief Economist Qian Keming attends Symposium on China-Africa Agricultural Cooperation

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  MOA Chief Economist Qian Keming attended and addressed the Symposium on China-Africa Agricultural Cooperation in Wanning of Hainan Province on Nov. 14, 2014.

  Qian noted that over recent years, the agricultural cooperation mechanism between China and African countries has been established and constantly improved. Multilateral S&T collaboration has achieved robust development in an all-round way,and the cooperation in capacity building has also made great progress. As agro-technology demonstration centers started running one after another, the agricultural investment and trade between the two sides have witnessed sustained growth.

  Under such a circumstance, the Ministry of Agriculture of China would like to utilize the Symposium as a platform to lift China-Africa agricultural cooperation to a new level. To this end, Qian put forward a four-point proposal as follows:first, to maintain high-level exchange visits to enhance consensus onagricultural cooperation; second, to deepen multilateral agricultural S&Tcooperation; third, to facilitate the sustainable development of agro-technologydemonstration centers; and fourth, to bolster business cooperation and promote agricultural trade between China and African countries.

  This Symposium was organized for the second time by the Department of International Cooperation of MOA, the Department of Agriculture of Hainan Province and the Association of Former Diplomats of China (AFDC). As an important event under the framework of the Roundtable Conference on China-Africa Cooperation, the Symposium this year attracted around 200 domestic and overseas participants.