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The whole industry chain - Hui Shan dairy

China Agricultural International Association Secretariat
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2018/02/23 16:46
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    Forage planting

Good product from a good source of milk, a good source of milk can not be separated from alfalfa, alfalfa is the world's highest protein content of natural feed, contains a large number of amino acids, known as "King of forage" reputation can effectively increase the milk yield , Milk quality and milk fat rate. In Liaoning, Huishan owns 130,000 mu of self-alfalfa grassland, 230,000 mu of corn silage planting base and 300,000 tons of cows specialized fodder processing plant, specially designed for Huishan self-made pasture, and protected from the source Safety.


In order to protect the safety and quality of milk sources, Huishan keeps increasing the construction and investment of self-operated pastures, importing purebred Holstein cows from Australia and New Zealand and Juan Shan cattle with the reputation of Golden Queen. Huishan owns 52 With modern self-owned pastures and 130,000 purebred imported cows from Australia, the world's leading farm management system, sound management experience and technology, we work closely with 58 international livestock research institutes. Huishan ensure that every drop of raw milk indicators are better than the EU standards; is an example of China's milk source upgrade.

Dairy production

Huishan introduced the world's most advanced dairy processing equipment, bringing together the world's first-class production technology and technology, hired a professional management team from Europe, they have more than 120 years of infant formula milk powder R & D and management experience. Huishan 3 large milk production base, infant formula design capacity of 160,000 tons.

Dairy sales

Huishan through the complete dairy industry chain, to provide consumers with liquid milk, infant formula and whole milk powder, desalted whey powder and other rich end products, they have the best nutrition and the highest quality.