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Flower series of rice - Heilongjiang North Wilderness rehabilitation is Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

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2018/02/23 16:42
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Produced in the northeast, northeast is the world's three major black soil, black soil is the surface vegetation after long-term corrosion of humus formed after the evolution of soil, high organic matter content, fertile soil, especially suitable for planting food. Some people describe the black land "Pinch the black soil to spend flowers, insert double chopsticks also germinate", showing the fertility of the black land. The high latitude of the northeast plains, planting a long period of sunshine, is conducive to photosynthesis of rice during the day; temperature difference between day and night, so that rice can accumulate enough sugar, starch and protein content is higher, more nutritious rice; northeast weather Cold, rice growth cycle is long, is a ripe year, the land has enough time to restore fertility, so that the Northeast rice maintained a good quality, but also have a good taste. It can be said that the northeast rice has a favorable geographical environment for growth.

North Haryana fresh rice in a variety of nutrient content is not very high, but because people eat large, so it also has a high nutritional value, is the basic food supplement nutrients. Rice porridge with spleen, and stomach, Qingfei effect. With nourishing Yin and kidney, Qi Qiang body, spleen appetizers, Bugan eyesight, Nourishing Guse effect, is anti-aging beauty, disease prevention and physical nourishing share.

Five permanent rice grain full, crystal clear, soft and smooth, fragrant rice. And rich in a variety of nutrients, porridge syrup such as milk (high collagen content) steamed rice oil Liang Qingxiang (high vitamin E content) fragrance palatability, unique characteristics of non-renewable leftovers, is extremely rich in nutritional value. Known as "Gong Mi," said. Wuchang City is located in southern Heilongjiang Province, belongs to the temperate continental climate, frost-free period of 140 days, the average annual rainfall 608 mm, 2629 hours of sunshine. Plenty of sunshine, natural river water irrigation, coupled with the cultivation of rice with a long maturity of high-quality late-maturing varieties, make Wuchang rice distinctive.
Wuchang Chang is one of the top five counties in the country, famous for its rich rice and is known as the "Kingdom of Rice." Five Chang rice sweet taste due to Wuchang spring watering, fertile basin and fine varieties and advanced cultivation techniques.
Affected by the unique geography and climate of the producing areas, Wuchang rice has more dry matter accumulation, moderate amylose content and higher amylopectin content. Due to the large temperature difference between day and night in the mature rice producing areas, more soluble double-stranded sugar is accumulated in rice and is very suitable for human health. Wuchang rice slightly light sweet, soft slightly sticky, fragrant and refreshing, bright shiny rice surface, leftovers do not come back, is the first choice for people on the table.