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Representatives from Kyoto Prefecture, Japan and Maizuru City visited Bangchui Island Seafood Enterprise Group for inspection

Yang Mei Li
Dalian Bangchui Island Group
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2018/02/23 16:40
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This year, the main rubber production in Xishuangbanna reclamation area is in a good situation. As of August 31, 55589 tons of dry glue have been produced, 59.43% of the annual planned tasks have been completed, and 14,830 tons more than that of the same period of last year, an increase of 35.72%. This is the reclamation area at all levels in-depth study and practice of science exhibition activities, do everything possible to do a good job rubber production, workers and staff work hard to solve the practical problems and problems in production and life, earnestly do a good job cadres and party members, promote the transformation of the style of work, Serve the masses, to protect the people's livelihood, security growth, security development as the prerequisite, try to achieve the volume of production, the amount of income, in order to protect the stability of the goal. The cadres at all levels should work hard and implement the work measures, urge the workers and staff members to increase their incomes, increase their production units and develop their enterprises. At present, the staff and workers of the reclamation cadres are trying their best to seize the second peak of rubber production to meet the 60th anniversary of the national day with an average of 361 tons of Nissan adhesive.