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协会动态/ Association Activities

Sino-German Young Agricultural Executive Training Program

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With the strong support of the governments of China and Germany, the Ministry of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture of Germany and the German Agricultural Association, is carrying out the capacity-building project for young Sino-German agricultural managers. The project aims to enhance the management, leadership and international perspective of my agricultural managers, agricultural sector manufacturing, management and technical personnel, and provide a highly qualified reserve of young talents for agricultural management and enterprise development. The main implementation of the project for the organization of relevant personnel in China for a period of about 4 months of training, including centralized learning, seminars and business internships. My department, Germany and trainees (or units) will share the costs. The arrangements are as follows:
    First, the training time and arrangements
    Training time is about 4 months, of which 10 days to study in China, mainly in the form of lectures and seminars; study in Germany 3 and a half months, which lectures and seminars for 10 days, internship in business or institutions for 3 months. The first phase is scheduled to open in April 2015 and dispatch in May.
    Second, the training target
    The training intends to determine through the recommendation and open selection and other forms to participate in about 20 project staff. The main targets are family farm operators, agricultural industrialization leading enterprises practitioners, professional cooperatives and management of large and medium-sized agriculture-related enterprise management trainees.
    Third, training costs
    German Ministry of Agriculture plans to contribute 70,000 euros (about 600,000 yuan), is responsible for the Chinese trainees in Germany during the course and teacher fees, German training during the German part of the premiums and meals, trainers and international travel in Germany During the period accommodation and transportation costs borne by the trainee individuals or units (about 80,000 yuan). In addition, according to the latest labor law in Germany in 2015, German companies will give trainees an internship salary of about 40,000 yuan / person / 3 months.
    Fourth, the training content
    Hold pre-emigratory seminars in China, including the relevant German policies and regulations, the general situation of agriculture, Sino-German agricultural cooperation, business management knowledge, foreign affairs discipline, diplomatic etiquette, internship requirements and matters needing attention in Germany; 10 days classroom training, after the training according to the student background, enter the relevant German companies, farms and other places of practice.
    (Source: International Exchange Service Center of Ministry of Agriculture, please contact our association secretariat for registration details)
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