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关于协会/ About us

Article 1 In order to strengthen the management of the membership fee of the China Association of Agricultural International Exchanges (hereinafter referred to as the "Association"), strengthen the organizational construction of associations and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, according to the Regulations of the State Council on the Administration of Registration of Social Organizations and the Articles of Association of China Association of Agricultural International Exchanges "And other relevant provisions, the development of this approach.
The second association members must pay dues in full.
Article 3 The association secretariat is responsible for the management of membership fees.
Article IV membership dues standards:
(A) unit members: vice president of unit members 30,000 yuan each year; members of the governing units each
Year 10,000 yuan; ordinary group members 3,000 yuan per year;
(B) individual members: 500 yuan per year.
Article 5 The use of dues shall be subject to strict supervision and management and shall be mainly used for:
(A) daily office expenses;
(2) Expenses of holding office assemblies such as member congresses, councils and standing councils;
(C) to provide members with information, promotional materials and other expenses;
(4) Subsidy expenses for holding related activities;
(5) Public welfare expenditure to promote the development of the industry;
(F) of the outstanding contributions to the unit or individual members of the reward;
(7) Handling expenses stipulated in the member's proposal and the management regulations of the society.
Article VI payment of contributions:
(A) members register once a year and pay dues;
(2) Contributions shall be uniformly collected by the secretariat of the association and issued a uniform receipt of social group membership dues.
Article 7 When a member withdraws or is expelled, the membership dues, subsidies and donations will not be refunded.
Article 8 Association dues management, the implementation of the state's financial management system, and accept the member representative assembly, the chief financial officer, taxation and other departments of the supervision and audit.
Article 9 The Association shall establish an account for revenue and expenditure of contributions in accordance with the relevant accounting system of the State.
Article 10 Membership management shall be implemented in an open system. Contributions and expenses are supervised and inspected by the association council or the standing council and reported to all members of the association by the council or standing council.
Article XI of this approach is responsible for the interpretation of the Association Secretariat. If inconsistent with the relevant provisions of the State and the Ministry of Agriculture, the relevant provisions of the state and the Ministry of Agriculture shall prevail.
Article 12 These Measures shall be implemented as of the date of review and approval by the Board of Trustees.