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关于协会/ About us

Chapter I General Provisions
Article 1 The name of this association is "China Association of Agricultural International Exchanges", the English translation is "China Agricultural Association for International Exchange", and the English acronym CAAIE.
Article 2 This group is a non-profit, nationally organized non-profit trade organization voluntarily formed by enterprises, institutions and individuals that actively carry out agricultural international exchanges and cooperation.
Article 3 The purpose of this group is to abide by the Constitution, laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, abide by social ethics, serve "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and promote cooperation between China and other countries (regions) in agricultural production, science and technology, economy and trade, investment, personnel, information And other aspects of the exchange and cooperation for members and community to provide agricultural international exchange services.
Article 4 The group accepts the business guidance, supervision and management of the Ministry of Agriculture and the registration and administration department of the Ministry of Civil Affairs as the competent department in charge of business.
Article 5 The address of this group is No.11, Nanli, Agricultural Exhibition Hall, Chaoyang District, Beijing (Zip Code 100125).
Chapter II business scope
Article VI of the group in mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, common development, carry out the following business:
(A) to play a self-regulatory role of the industry, the development of industry rules and regulations, regulate industry practices, promote the development of the industry;
(2) To investigate and study the trends and trends of agricultural development at home and abroad, and provide agricultural consulting services;
(C) building China's agricultural international exchange information network, build multilingual agricultural international exchange network information platform;
(4) Undertaking international exchange and cooperation projects commissioned or funded by government agencies, etc .;
(5) To organize investment promotion activities and actively introduce overseas agricultural investment and high-tech to China;
(6) To participate in and promote the related activities of China's agricultural investment abroad and cooperation;
(7) organizing agricultural international cooperation forums and seminars;
(8) To participate in agricultural exhibitions both at home and abroad
(IX) Organizing agricultural international exchanges and visits;
(10) To carry out personnel training and trainee project activities in the field of agriculture;
(11) Prepare and issue bulletin and other materials in accordance with the relevant provisions;
(12) To carry out public welfare undertakings and other beneficial activities in the industry.
Chapter III membership
Article VII of the members of the group is divided into unit members and individual members.
Article VIII to apply to join the membership of the group, must meet the following conditions:
(A) to support the group's constitution;
(B) have the will to join the group;
(3) Units and individuals who have a certain influence in the agricultural industry and are willing to actively carry out agricultural international exchanges and cooperation.
Article IX membership membership process is:
(A) to submit an application for membership;
(B) the Council or the council commissioned by the agency to discuss the adoption;
(C) according to the standard fee dues dues;
(D) issued by the Board of Trustees or authorized bodies membership card.
Article 10 Members enjoy the following rights:
(A) the group's right to vote, to be elected and the right to vote;
(B) to participate in the activities of the group;
(C) the priority of the group services;
(4) Criticism and supervision over the work of the group;
(E) join the voluntary, withdrawal free.
Article 11 Members fulfill the following obligations:
(A) the implementation of this group's resolution;
(B) to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the group;
(C) to complete the work assigned by the group;
(4) Pay the dues according to the regulations;
(E) to the group reflect the situation, provide relevant information.
Article 12 Membership withdrawal should be notified in writing to the group, and return the membership card. If a member does not pay dues for one year or does not participate in the activities of the group, as a voluntary withdrawal.
Thirteenth members of any serious violations of the Constitution, the Council or the Standing Council voted to be removed.
Article XIV members and their management in accordance with the members of the General Assembly discussed and adopted the "China International Association for the Management of Agricultural Association" implementation.

Chapter IV Organization and the person in charge of the production, removal
Article 15 The highest authority of this association is the member representative assembly. The authority of the member representative assembly is as follows:
(A) to develop and amend the constitution;
(2) Election and removal of directors
(3) to review the work report and financial report of the board of directors
(4) decide to terminate the matter;
(E) to decide other major issues.
Article 16 The member congress shall have two-thirds or more of the members 'representatives present before it can be convened, and its resolution shall be subject to the effect that more than half of the members' representatives on the assembly vote.
Article XVII member congress five years. Due to special circumstances in advance or postpone the general election, shall be voted by the Council, reported to the business unit in charge of examination and approval by the societies registration management consent. But the extension of the general term of not more than 1 year.
Article 18 The council is the executive body of the member congress. During the intersessional period, they lead the group to carry out daily work and are responsible to the member congress.
Article 19 The powers of the council are:
(A) the implementation of member congress's resolution;
(2) To elect and dismiss the president, vice president and secretary general, and to elect and remove the executive director;
(3) Preparations for holding a member representative assembly;
(4) report the work and financial status to the member congress;
(E) to determine the absorption or removal of members;
(6) deciding to set up offices, branch offices, sending offices and entities;
(7) to decide on the appointment of deputy secretary-generals and chief executives of various agencies;
(8) To lead the various agencies of the group to carry out their work;
(Ix) Develop an internal management system
(X) Decide on other major issues.
Article XII of the Council shall be present when more than 2/3 of the members attend the meeting, and its resolution shall be subject to the approval of more than two-thirds of the members to enter into force.
Article 21 The council shall hold at least one meeting each year; in exceptional circumstances, it may also adopt the form of communication.
Article twenty-second the group set up an executive council. The standing council is elected by the board of directors, exercises the powers of Article 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of Article 19 during the period when the council is not in session, is responsible to the council, and the number of standing directors does not exceed the number of directors 1/3.
Article 23 The standing council shall be able to convene when more than two-thirds of its standing directors attend the conference. The resolution of the standing council shall be subject to the vote of more than 2/3 of the standing directors.
Article 24 The standing council shall hold a meeting for at least half a year. Special situations may also be held by means of communication.
The twenty-fifth article of the president, vice president, secretary-general must meet the following conditions:
(1) To uphold the party's line, principles and policies and good political quality;
(B) have a greater impact in the field of business of the group;
(3) Presidents, vice presidents and secretary-generals shall not exceed the maximum age of 70 years; the secretary general shall be full-time;
(D) good health, can insist on normal work;
(5) have not been subject to criminal penalties such as deprivation of political rights;
(F) with full civil capacity.
Article twenty-sixth The group president, vice president, secretary-general, if exceeding the maximum age, must be approved by the Council vote, report to the competent business unit examination and approval by the societies registration management authority, before serving.
Article twenty-seventhThe group president, vice president, secretary general term of five years, generally should not exceed two. Due to special circumstances need to extend the term of office, subject to the member congress of more than 2/3 member representatives voted to the business unit in charge of review and approval by the societies registration management authority may continue to serve.
Article 28 The Secretary-General of the group shall sign the important documents for the legal representative and the legal representative of the group on behalf of the group. As a result of special circumstances required by the Vice President or Secretary-General as the legal representative should be reported to the competent business unit review and approval by the societies registration management authority, before they can serve. The legal representative of the group does not serve as the legal representative of other groups.
Article 29 The president of the group exercises the following powers:
(A) convene and preside over the board of directors or standing council;
(2) to check the implementation of the resolutions of the member congress, the board of directors or the standing council;
(3) to preside over the major work of the group;
(Four) may nominate vice president, secretary general;
(E) may entrust vice president or secretary to exercise their powers.
Article 30 The Secretary-General shall exercise the following powers:
(1) To preside over the offices and carry out routine work and organize the implementation of the annual work plan;
(2) To coordinate the work of all branches, representative offices and entities;
(3) to nominate the Deputy Secretary-General and the chief candidates for the offices, branches, representative offices and substantive agencies to submit to the Board of Governors or the Standing Council for decision;
(4) to decide on the hiring of full-time staff members of offices, representative offices and entities;
(E) to deal with other routine matters.
Chapter V Asset Management, Principles of Use
Article 31 The funding sources of this group:
(A) dues
(Two) donation
(C) government funding;
(4) income from activities or services carried out within the approved business scope;
(E) interest
(Vi) other legal income.
Article thirty-secondThe group in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state to collect membership dues.
Article 33 The membership dues and their management shall be implemented in accordance with the Administrative Measures on Fees of China Association of Agricultural International Exchanges, as discussed and approved by the member congress.
Article 34 The funds of the group must be used for the development of the business scope and business as stipulated in the Articles of Association and shall not be distributed among the members.
Thirty-fifth of the group to establish a strict financial management system to ensure that accounting information is legitimate, true, accurate and complete.
Article thirty-sixth the group equipped with qualified professional accounting personnel. Accounting should not act as cashier. Accountants must carry out accounting, the implementation of accounting supervision. Accountants to mobilize work or leave, we must take over the personnel to do the handover procedures.
Article 37 The asset management of this group must implement the financial management system stipulated by the state and accept the supervision of the member congress and the financial department. If the source of the assets belongs to the state appropriation or social donation or subsidy, it must be subject to the supervision of the auditing organ and publish the relevant information to the public in an appropriate manner.
Article 38 Prior to the general election or change of legal representative, this group shall accept the financial audit organized by the organization for the registration of the society and the competent business unit.
Article 39 No unit or individual may occupy, misappropriate and misappropriate the assets of the group.
Article 40 The salary, insurance, and welfare of the full-time staff members of the association shall be implemented with reference to the relevant state provisions of the public institutions.
The sixth chapter constitutional modification procedures
Article 41 The amendments to the articles of association of the association shall be submitted to the member representative assembly for approval after being voted on by the council.
Article 42 The constitution of this group amendment shall be submitted to the competent business unit for examination and approval within 15 days upon the approval of the member representative assembly and shall be submitted to the society registration authority for approval after its approval.
Chapter VII Termination of Proceedings and Termination of Property Disposal
Article forty-third The group to complete the purpose or dissolved itself or due to the separation, mergers and other reasons need to write-off, by the Council or the Standing Council to terminate the motion.
Article 44 The motion of termination of the group shall be voted on by the member congress and submitted to the competent business unit for examination and approval.
Article 45 Prior to the termination of the group, a liquidation organization shall be set up under the guidance of the competent business unit and the relevant authority to clean up the claims and debts and deal with the aftermath. During the liquidation, not to carry out activities other than liquidation.
The forty-sixth article of the societies registration management authority for cancellation of registration procedures is terminated.
Article 47 The remaining property after the termination of this group shall be used for the development of the undertakings related to the purposes of the group in accordance with the relevant state regulations, under the supervision of the business unit in charge and the society registration administration.
Chapter VIII Supplementary Provisions
Article 48 The Articles of Association will be passed by the member congress on November 27, 2008.
Article 49 The constitution shall be interpreted by the board of directors of the association.
Article 50 These Articles of Association shall take effect as of the date of approval of the society registration authority.