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Chief Economist Qian Keming attends Fifth Roundtable Conference on China-Africa Cooperation in Hainan
Chief Economist Qian Keming attends Symposium on China-Africa Agricultural Cooperation
China’s Agricultural Import and Export for Jan. - Nov. of 2014
List of Registered Imported Veterinary Drugs
U.S.Market Perspectives - January 23, 2015
China urges Indonesia to cooperate in fishery
  • 中国农业国际交流协会三届三次理事会在北京召


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Association activities

United Rice Mills from Pakistan visits Sino State Farms Cereals and Oils
United Rice Mills from Pakistan visited the Guangzhou Office of Sino State Farms Cereals & Oils to discuss the cooperation in terms of rice trade on 27th January.
Wang Qinmin, vice chairman of CPPCC and chairman of All China Federation of Industry and
(Zhengbang)The third executive committee meeting of All China Federation of Industry and Commerce was in augurated in Jinan,the capital city of Shandong province. On behalf of standing committee,WangQ
Julong Shows Up in the CCTV Program
Julong Shows Up in the CCTV Program


Notice on Collecting the Fees of China Association of Agricultural International Exchanges
Uganda - China Business Forum invitations
Sino-German Young Agricultural Executive Training Program


The whole industry chain - Hui Shan dairy
Good product from a good source of milk, a good source of milk can not be separated from alfalfa, alfalfa is the world's highest pr
Flower series of rice - Heilongjiang North Wilderness rehabilitation is Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.
Northeast is the world's three major black soil,black soil is the surface vegetation after long-term corrosion of humus formed after the evolution of soil,high organic matter



"National Association of Industry Chamber of Commerce responsible person in charge of management practices (Trial)"
Business units in charge of various national social organizations, chambers of commerce of all national trade associations:
Strategic Thinking about the "Going Global" Agriculture in China
In 1995, China had a reference to agricultural "going global". In 2007, Central Government Document No.1 formally put agriculture "going global" as its national strategy.
The demonstration of the implementation plan of credit evaluation for agricultural cooperation with foreign countries was held i
In order to implement the directives of Minister Han Chang-fu of the Ministry of Agriculture on building a credit evaluation system for agricultural cooperative enterprises with foreign partners,
The Association went to Shandong and Jiangsu to investigate the situation of the credit evaluation system of agricultural cooper
In order to do a good job in credit evaluation of agricultural cooperation with foreign countries, on the basis of information collection and analysis of more than 20 credit rating pilot enterprises,